PeelHeel Travel Series 14.5×14.5 cm (5.71×5.71 inch)


    PeelHeel For Travellers” is ideal for your travels!  Now your heels will stay soft during your trips! Stick PeelHeel to the hotel bathroom, use it during your stay, easily remove it without leaving any traces on your way. “PeelHeel for travellers” is very practical, does not take up space, does not deteriorate, does not let you down.

    (Note: PeelHeel For Travellers is a square 4.5cm (1.77 inch) smaller than the PeelHeel Home Series. This is because it will only be used for a short time. All other features are the same as PeelHeel Home Series. PeelHeel For Travellers is sold in multipacks of 3 and 5)

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